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Hot Rolled Flat Steel Products

Hot Rolled Flat Steel Products Flat steel products obtained by rolling the rectangular cross-sectional semi-product (slab) produced by continuous casting method at a certain temperature.

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Cold Rolled Flat Steel Products

Cold rolled flat steel products are flat steel products, which are produced in the form of rolls or sheets by cold rolling of hot rolled flat steels and the thicknesses of which range between 0.20-2.00 mm.

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Galvanized Flat Steel Products

Galvanised flat steels are produced by coating both surfaces of cold rolled metal with a layer of zinc by hot dipping process.

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Tin/Chrome Coated Flat Steel Products (Packaging Steel)

Tin/chrome coated flat steel products are flat steel products produced in the form of rolls or sheets with thicknesses ranging from 0.12-0.60 mm by coating the cold-rolled, low-carbon, mild flat steel with chrome or tin of various weights via electrolysis.

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By-Product Portfolio

Engine benzol, pure benzol, toluene, xylol, crude tar and ammonium sulfate (artificial fertilizer), iron sulfate and granulated blast furnace slag, which are released as a result of the process in Ereğli facilities, are included in the by-product portfolio.

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After Sales Services

The feedback we receive from our customers forms the basis of our new product development, strategic investment planning, and customer technical service processes.

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Laboratory and Calibration Services

The purpose of the calibration process is to guarantee the accuracy of measurements made with measuring and monitoring devices that affect the quality of measurement, as required by management standards.

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Erdemir Steel Service Center (ERSEM)

We meet your demands with Erdemir assurance and products in processed or unprocessed form, with the expected quality, size and tolerance values.

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Port Services

Each of Erdemir's plants plays an important role in the creation of the final products we offer to our customers and in the creation of "Erdemir quality". Some of these facilities can also provide services to third parties in terms of their fields of activity.

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