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Supply Chain Management and Purchasing

OYAK Mining Metallurgy Companies consider strategy and planning agility as the two most important concepts in their purchasing activities in order to manage the ever-changing market conditions. OYAK Mining Metallurgy Companies, which carry out medium and long-term supply strategies depending on the conditions of the day, systematized the updating and commissioning of action plans, which were designed as proactive (taking action by foreseeing the risk) depending on the needs, in a very short time whenever deemed necessary. The commercial relations with suppliers, which are planned and finalized well in advance under normal conditions to ensure sustainable production, can be supported by spot supply strategies that can always be updated frequently and in narrower time periods, sensitive to the conditions of the country and the world. In order to execute an accurate and effective Supplier Management Process, our Mining Metallurgy Companies focus on keeping the communication with their sales and production units close and uninterrupted, with a view to ensuring the impact of the strategies followed is at the highest level. One of our main goals with regards to the processes of selecting, improving, monitoring and evaluating the suppliers in addition to the de facto communication diplomacy established in any corner of the world is to execute an effective supplier management by using online communication technologies in the most effective manner depending on the developing conditions and needs.

Since the year it was founded, OYAK Mining Metallurgy has maintained the effective strategies it has been carrying out and the continuous working dynamics as required by the process without any interruption, with its perspective of on-site and joint process management with the supplier, even during the periods of supply chain interruptions caused by the different conditions in the world within and outside the sector. In OYAK Mining Metallurgy supplier management, the processes pertaining to the existing suppliers are followed up with an understanding of continuous improvement and development, and the activities are carried out non-stop to include different alternative sources, the domestic and national sources in particular, into the system.

In OYAK Mining Metallurgy's supplier management, in addition to local purchasing units available in each of our factories, the main role is assumed by the Group's Purchasing Vice Presidency located in Istanbul Headquarters, which creates Group's procurement and supply strategies and carries out joint procurement and purchasing activities for all group companies for increased efficiency.

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