We are proud to continue to add strength to the power of our country in the 100th anniversary of our Republic. For 58 years, as we have shaped steel, we continue to take firm steps for a better future.

Turkiye's Leading Steel Producer, Global Steel Power

Erdemir, the parent company of OYAK Mining Metallurgy and one of the most valuable industrial assets of our country, has been giving life to our country's economy by producing the flat steel needed by the Turkish industry for 58 years and delivering its products to steel users all over the world.

Erdemir, the pioneer of the Turkish steel industry, started production on May 15th, 1965 at its facilities established in the Karadeniz Ereğli District to meet the flat steel needs of the country. Erdemir produces hot and cold rolled flat steels, plate steels, tin-coated sheets, chromium-plated sheets and galvanized sheets at international quality standards with the experience it has gained from its deep-rooted history of more than half a century. With its approximately 4 million tons of crude steel and 5 million tons of finished product capacity, Erdemir is preferred by steel users as a reputable and reliable business partner all over the world. With its wide product portfolio, Erdemir supplies raw materials to almost every sector of the industry, including but not limited to automotive, white goods, tube mills, rolling mills, general manufacturing, electric&electronics, machinery, energy, heating equipment, shipbuilding, defense, packaging, and renewable energy industries.

Erdemir, one of the largest publicly traded companies in Türkiye with the majority of its shares in the hands of institutional investors, has been the locomotive of the industry as well as one of the engines of the Stock Exchange since the opening of Istanbul Stock Exchange in 1986 when its shares started to be traded.

Türkiye's first and leading flat steel producer, Erdemir, operates in the fields of flat and long steel production, steel service center services, mining, industrial gas production, engineering and project management, and energy and directs the sector with its pioneering applications, with its subsidiary companies Isdemir, Erdemir Mining, Erdemir Steel Service Center, Erdemir Engineering, Erdemir Romania, Kümaş Magnesite, Erdemir Asia Pacific, Isdemir Linde Gas Partnership, and Erdemir Energy and nearly 13 thousand employees.