Our Human Resources Policy

Our approach, which prioritizes people and our focus on creating happy employees, is helping us make steady progress towards our goals.

We see our human capital, which consists of happy and qualified employees, as one of the main factors that determine our competitive power.

In line with our strategy that puts people at the center, we act with the responsibility of offering the best to our employees, and we adopt the health and safety of our employees as our first priority. We develop projects to improve the skills and competencies of our human resources, our most valuable asset, and to increase their satisfaction.

We aim to be the most preferred employer in our sector, with a management approach that provides a happy working environment for our human resources, responds to their expectations in every aspect and motivates them. We are aware that the most important factor in achieving our goals is qualified and happy employees. To this end, we design and implement effective human resources practices to meet the needs of our employees. We focus on talent and performance management that will add value to our employees, develop their qualifications and enable them to shape their individual careers. We carry out comprehensive training activities that support the basic and professional competencies of our employees.