Ereğli Demir Çelik Fabrikaları T.A.Ş. (Erdemir) may, when necessary, make written or verbal announcements about forward-looking information, expectations, estimates, targets, assessments and opinions. Erdemir has made the necessary arrangements about the amounts and results of such information through its Disclosure Policy and has shared such policy with the public through the Erdemir website, in accordance with the Capital Markets Board regulations. As stated in related policy, information contained in forward-looking statements, whether verbal or written, should not include unrealistic assumptions or forecasts. It should be noted that, actual results could materially differ from estimates taking into account the fact that they are not based on historical facts but are driven from expectations, beliefs, plans, targets and other factors which are beyond the control of our Company. As a result, forward-looking statements should not be fully trusted or taken as granted. Forward-looking statements should be considered valid only considering the conditions prevailing at the time of the announcement. In cases where it is understood that forward-looking statements are no longer achievable, such matter will be announced to the public and the statements will be revised. However, the decision to make a revision is a result of a subjective evaluation. Therefore, it should be noted that, when a party is coming to a judgement based on estimates and forward-looking statements, our Company may not have made a revision at that particular time. Our Company makes no commitment to make regular revisions which would fully cover changes in every parameter. New factors mat arise in the future which may not be possible to foresee at this moment in time.