While expanding our contribution to the Turkish economy, we also aim to increase shareholder value, strengthen our market presence and add value to our stakeholders. We use our financial capital to produce value-added products and services, develop our human resources, and benefit society and the environment.

Customer Solution Partner

We are aware that product and service quality and customer satisfaction show a directly proportional development. We know that we will achieve high customer satisfaction and loyalty to the extent that we develop and improve our product and service quality in our value chain, from supply to the end user.

Intellectual Capital

We believe that R&D and innovation will accelerate our overall performance in many areas such as sustainable environment, cost management, new product development, process improvement and efficiency. We are working hard to ensure that our products and production quality adapt to the latest technologies and trends. Our investments in R&D and innovation constitute an important input to our intellectual and manufactured capital.

Supply Chain

To minimize supply risks, we develop cooperation with our suppliers, explore alternative sources of supply and act proactively in the management of our supply chain.


We carry out our digital transformation activities with the aim of creating maximum value for all stakeholders in our value chain. In our digitalization efforts, we focus on integrated supply chain, production and quality, maintenance and reliability, energy and resource management, occupational health and safety, and people and culture