General Skill and Technical Knowledge Exams Completed in The Erdemir’s Recruitment Process

6 June 2023

Erdemir, işletme ünitelerinde görevlendirilecek saat ücretli çalışanları istihdam etmek için başlattığı başvuru sürecini tamamladı. İşe alım sürecinde 10 binin üzerinde başvuru gerçekleşti.

Erdemir has been the lifeblood for 58 years in Karadeniz Ereğli, one of the most important industrial regions of Türkiye. Offered employment opportunities to more than 5,600 people as of the end of 2022, Erdemir completed the general skill and technical knowledge exams in the new recruitment process to address its workforce needs.

As one of Türkiye's largest economic actors providing direct employment, Erdemir began collecting applications on April 25, 2023, for hourly wage positions within its business units.  The application process lasted until May 5 and received over 10 thousand applications. Seventy percent of the candidates meeting the application criteria and eligible to take the exam were from Zonguldak and its districts, particularly from Ereğli. Candidates passing the exam stage participated in the exams held between June 6 and 23.

At Erdemir, which conducts the whole process based on transparency, candidates succeeding in the general skill and technical knowledge exams will proceed to an interview after undergoing health checks. Erdemir plans to continue its hourly wage employment until the end of the year to meet its ongoing needs. By doing so, it aims to support regional development in the areas where it operates and strengthen its position further with new colleagues.

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